Paints, Coatings and Pigment Slurries

InterKem offers aqueous polyacrylate dispersants for use in paints, coatings, pigment dispersions, and pigment slurries.

Building Products

InterKem offers nano polymers and polyacrylates for use in gypsum and concrete applications.

Personal Care

The personal care industry needs effective, non-toxic substances to improve product performance. InterKem carries several products that meet the specific demands of this large industry.


InterKem offers multiple products for indirect and direct sales to the paper industry, including kosher grade indirect food contact certified thickeners and polyacrylate dispersants.

Cleaning and Degreasing

InterKem offers several effective products for the cleaning and degreasing industries, from acrylic polymers and copolymers for detergents to environmentally friendly surfactant blends for degreasers.


InterKem offers acrylic polymers and copolymers for use in the tanning and processing of leather.

Lubricant Additives

InterKem specializes in corrosion inhibitors and other lubricant additives. Our products have a wide range of applications, such as rust inhibition in architectural paints, petroleum and other oil-based lubricants.

Mining and Oil Field

InterKem has a variety of polymers for on-site water treatment, mud thinning for mining and oil drilling operations, slurry stabilization, and proprietary nanopolymers for dust control.

InterKem has a wide range of high performance proprietary products.

InterKem assists its clients to be more competitive within their industry by providing a wide variety of technologies for custom solutions. The active R & D department innovates performance-driven and cost-effective solutions, which makes InterKem your ally in the chemical industry.