InterKem, LLC was created in 2006 to bring innovative, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective solutions to the chemical industry.

Our success is a product of our evolution from being a distributor of dispersants, water-based polymers, defoamers, natural polymers, and surfactants into a producer of custom high-performance proprietary products.

InterKem is not only your solution in the chemical industry but is The Solution Company. Our singular focus on each customer’s specific needs, coupled with the team’s extensive experience, our ability to think outside-the-box by finding solutions that bring utility and financial value to a multitude of industries, makes us a leader in the field.

William Snyder
CEO and President

William Snyder has over thirty years of sales, marketing, production, and technical expertise. He received his Bachelors degree in Chemistry at the City University of New York and Masters in Chemical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He began his career as a process engineer for Bechtel Petroleum, then spent twenty years at Rhodia, which is now part of the Solvay group. William is a visionary and innovator. His knowledge of chemistry, its applications, and his background as a process engineer, along with his natural ability to think beyond conventional applications, has forged new territory in the chemical industry and has presented InterKem with opportunities to do business worldwide in multiple markets.

Ian Snyder
Director of Operations

Ian manages operations at InterKem and oversees customer service, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and accounting. Ian is a graduate of the University of Georgia. His special skills in problem solving, along with studies in business and risk management, make him a valuable InterKem asset.

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