A producer of custom, high-performance products, InterKem has an excellent reputation because of its customer focus. InterKem helps its clients be more competitive in their industry through its ability to provide a variety of technologies for custom solutions.


InterKem searches out and develops custom products and new technology to solve your problems. The active R & D department creates performance-driven and cost-effective solutions. This makes InterKem your ally in the chemical industry.

Customer Focus

InterKem’s goal is to meet and exceed customer expectations with quick responsiveness, active listening, flexibility, and a variety of options to increase convenience. InterKem uses a quality management system to focus on product quality and consistency.

Need Another Solution

Have an inquiry about customized product development, performance improvement, technical or sales consulting, specialty manufacturing, toll manufacturing, our product categories, or the markets we service? Please call us to discuss products and needs for your company (770) 971-0681 or send us an email: